Our History

Our congregation began over 50 years ago when several individuals moved to the Oakdale area and saw the need for an evangelical church in our community. At this time, the size of the Oakdale area was considerably smaller, but several of these individuals felt the need to start a new church in this rural area.

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With that passion in mind, the church began meeting in 1959 with their first gatherings at Beaver Lake Elementary School. In early 1960, a member of our church found a large tract of land on Minnehaha (now 10th Street N.) and began seeking the purchase of the land.Copy (4) of ScannedImage-3A farmer who owned the land saw the many developments of the community and was glad to sell the parcel to a church rather than a business. The church at that time acquired several acres at its current location and began to build a new building. The sanctuary was completed in 1961, and at the same time, God began bringing more people into the church and the ministry began to grow.

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From that point, the church saw steady growth. In 1975, a parsonage was added to the grounds.



Copy (2) of ScannedImage-2Then in 1995, the church completed a new building project which enhanced the look of the building and added much-needed bathrooms upstairs, a beautiful entry area, a large nursery, and several classroom facilities.

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But a church is not a building; a church is people, and that is what we have been about since this local congregation’s beginning, being a light in and a part of our community.

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Oakdale Wesleyan Church – Reflecting Jesus Christ, and Reflecting Our Community.