Building for the Future

We believe The Church is made of people, not buildings, but people being humans, need a shelter that is both a conducive place to assemble in the presence of God and a hub from which we can serve and make disciples in our community. Last year we paid off (two years early) the loan for upgrading the parking lot, and that puts us in a good position to begin addressing the other capital needs. The trustees have put together a maintenance schedule which includes the following items:

  • parsonage roof replacement COMPLETED
  • church roof replacement IN PROGRESS
  • church HVAC system COMPLETED
  • elevator maintenance COMPLETED
  • parking lot lighting bulb replacement COMPLETED
  • exterior fixture repairs COMPLETED
  • office lighting replacement COMPLETED
  • tree trimming power lines to parsonage IN PROGRESS
  • basement water issue (may be fixed with roof repair)
  • back doors and windows replacement IN PROGRESS
  • door weather sealing COMPLETED
  • 1parking lot sealing COMPLETED
  • 2Wi-Fi upgrade Stage 1 COMPLETED Stage 2 IN PROGRESS
  • 2lobby remodel Stage 1 COMPLETED Stage 2 IN PROGRESS
  • 2classrooms repainted IN PROGRESS
  • 2basement bathrooms remodel
  • 3street sign replacement
  • 2landscaping update IN PROGRESS
  • 2nursery & Pre-K rooms remodeled COMPLETED
  • 1parsonage HVAC system COMPLETED
  • 1parsonage plumbing COMPLETED
  • 1parsonage garage door COMPLETED

1. added as necessary maintenance in 2018
2. added as facility upgrades in 2017
3. added as facility upgrades in 2018

Repairing the facility is not only good stewardship of what God has provided for us, but also an investment in the people who do and will come here to seek God. As God’s people it is our responsibility to keep His house in good repair and provide financial support, affirming our faith in God’s provision.

The LORD said, “Tell the sons of Israel to raise a contribution for Me; from every man whose heart moves him you shall raise My contribution. Let them construct a sanctuary for Me, that I may dwell among them.” Exodus 25:1, 2, & 8