Emotional Health Spring 2016 Series

Emotional Health

God wants us to grow to maturity and health in all aspects of our lives. Our emotional health is as important as our physical and spiritual well-being. Even our health care systems have come to realize the importance of mental health, so we should not neglect this in the Church. Together we examine the life of  King David in 2 Samuel as our example of emotional health as defined by Peter Scazzero in The Emotionally Healthy Church. This series begins in April 2016.

Our spiritual formation emphasis during the Emotional Health series is the Emotions Living Stone. Tools are available in the following areas to help you work towards obtaining the Emotions Stone:

  • Knowing yourself in terms of personality/temperament and sexuality
  • Knowing God and allowing Him to heal your hurts
  • Knowing your world and learning to handle stress and conflict
  • Small groups working through The Emotionally Healthy Church