Get on the Underground Railroad

Harriet_Tubman_Civil_War_WoodcutBeing a part of the Underground Railroad is part of the history of The Wesleyan Church. The denomination still works those tracks today through fighting human trafficking and through Immigrant Connection.

Oakdale Wesleyan Church is taking our first step to get on board by starting a partnership with Tubman House. This Fall harvest season we will flow God’s blessings to Tubman both in money and goods. Collections will be received from Sunday, October 18 through Sunday, November 22, and then delivered to Tubman.

Tubman’s programming helps 40,000 people each year and they rely on the support of the community to make a difference. Anyone is welcome to contribute to this blessing, and contributions are tax deductible. You may donate through Oakdale Wesleyan Church or directly to Tubman.

Designate a gift through Oakdale Wesleyan Church

Donate directly to Tubman


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