Christian Formation Sermons

darkness1 John: Called Out of Darkness into Light (May-July 2015)

John tells us what our lives should look like in relation to God and others when we are not living in darkness, but in God’s light.
a changed lifeA Changed Life (Mar-May 2013)

Examples of how God can transform a life.

The Circle Maker (selections from Matthew) (Sept 2014)circle maker

Learning to pray boldly by faith. Sermons from selected passages in the Gospel of Matthew. For more information, please visit The Circle Maker website.

daniels secrets_wide_tDaniel’s Secrets (The Book of Daniel) (Jul-Aug 2015)

The book of Daniel is a key to study for biblical prophecy, but it also contains much more. This series focuses on the character of Daniel, and his life of prayer.

Emotional_HealthEmotional Health (April-June 2016)

God wants us to grow to maturity and health in all aspects of our lives. Thus our emotional health is as important as our physical and spiritual well-being. Even our health care systems have come to realize the importance of mental health, so we should not neglect this in the Church. This series looks at the life of David in 2 Samuel as our example of emotional health as defined by Peter Scazzero in The Emotionally Healthy Church.


Living Stones commitLiving Stones (Genesis 49) (Jan-Feb 2015)

Jesus commands us, as his Church, to be and make disciples. While the process of sanctification is a continual “transformation into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord” (2 Cor. 2:18), we should also have markers which tell us we are equipped for works for service, attained unity in the faith and knowledge of the Son of God, an become mature (Eph. 4:12-13). Toward that end, Oakdale Wesleyan Church has set up 12 markers, 12 Living Stones, as steps of discipleship. This series expounds those markers as illustrated in the lives of the 12 sons of Israel, blessed in Genesis 49:1-28.

2373803_origOutward Signs Inward Grace

An ongoing series on the sacraments.

SoulShiftSplash-1024x576SoulShift (Sept-Oct 2013)

What’s the measure of a life transformed? We measure with soul shifts.

What_God_WantsWhat God Wants (Sept-Oct 2015)

If God is really God, then why does he need my money? That is a great question, and the answer is that God doesn’t need money . . . nor food. So why did ancient people offer up so many animals? Why do we offer our money, time, and influence? In our 2015 Fall All-Church Spiritual Formation we will look at offerings through the whole Bible to help us see What God Wants.