New Testament Sermons

waitingWhat Are You Waiting For? (selections from Matthew and Luke) (Dec 2015)

Sometimes, rightly or wrongly, we put important things off for another time. Some things are certainly worth waiting for, and some good things we don’t have to wait for. Every year we wait to open Christmas presents, but there is a gift we can have right now. Don’t let fear stop you. What are you waiting for?

The Circle Maker (selections from Matthew) (Sept 2014)circle maker

Learning to pray boldly by faith. Sermons from selected passages in the Gospel of Matthew. For more information, please visit The Circle Maker website.

betrayThe Betrayal of Jesus (Matthew 26-28) (March-April 2015)

Have you ever felt betrayed? We have a Savior who can empathize.

Advent-13-ppt.Full ImagePrepare the Way (Luke 1-2) (Dec 2013)

God is preparing The Way. He is an active God who loves and wants to be loved. He is a God that is near and among us. Being made in His image, He finds favor with us. And as the first Christians, often called the followers of “The Way,” glorified Him through living their lives like Christ, how will we, today, glorify Him? As God prepared the way for Jesus to enter into this world, and as we anticipate this birth, may you prepare the way for others to experience Christ and His love for them this Christmas season.

On a Mission from God (Luke) (Feb-March 2018)

Jesus has a mission; so do we.

rp_hand1-300x169.jpgSinners in the Hand of a Forgiving God (from Luke and John) (Feb-March 2016)

This Lent and Easter series looks at how Jesus treats both sin and sinners.

Transforming Presence (the Gospel of John)

Being with Jesus changes everything. There are so many things we encounter in life that draw our attention away from Jesus. Fear, anxiety, guilt, powerlessness, and grief, just to name a few. But Jesus changes all of those things. When we get overwhelmed by life’s messes, we need to look at the transforming power Jesus offers through his life and Holy Spirit. The Gospel of John provides encounters with the One who can transform struggles into a source of hope.

Reach TitileReach (The Book of Acts) (2014-2016)

We learn from the example of the early church, seeing how they reached up to God in prayer, reached out to others in service, and reached across social and cultural boundaries with the Good News of salvation in Jesus.

a modern church for a modern world1 Thessalonians: A Model Church for a Modern World (June-Aug 2013)

trust_wide_t1 Timothy: Trust (June-Aug 2014)

A study through  1 Timothy to know what we can trust.

Hebrews: Healthy Spirituality (Jan-Feb 2017)

Many components go into a religion or an individual’s personal spiritual beliefs. This series looks at the book of Hebrews to find the indispensable parts of Healthy Spirituality.

darkness1 John: Called Out of Darkness into Light (May-July 2015)

John tells us what our lives should look like in relation to God and others when we are not living in darkness, but in God’s light.