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Covenant Connections

Why the call of The Great Commission is so important and so challenging.

Previous Series

“Worship” Romans 12:1 (Pastor Doug Swarthout, June 25, 2017)

“Justice” Psalm 82 (Pastor Paul, June 18, 2017)

I Am Jonah

Why the call of The Great Commission is so important and so challenging.

“Elizabeth and Mary” (Pastor Jennifer, Mother’s Day May 14, 2017) Event/Notes

Coffee with Jesus

In many cultures coffee is a social drink. Having a cup of coffee with someone implies some level of intimacy. Also in the Bible, to have a drink with someone implied a relationship, but Jesus did more than have a cup of coffee with humanity. As we prepare for Easter we commune with Jesus through the cups he drank to make a relationship with us. Drink up!

Healthy Spirituality

Many components go into a religion or an individual’s personal spiritual beliefs. This series looks at the book of Hebrews to find the indispensable parts of Healthy Spirituality.

“A Reply of Ashes” Job 42:1-6 (Pastor Paul, Ash Wednesday, March 1, 2017) People who know God repent.

Don’t Stop Believin’ (6 Christmas Songs, 1 Promise) (from Luke) Every song has a message, especially the songs we sing at Christmas time. The first songs of Christmas encouraged people to believe, and through this series we will strengthen our belief.

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Upcoming Series

Covenant Connections: finding fulfilling relationships (Summer 2017) captureTransforming Presence – Fall 2017 All-Church Spiritual Formation

Ongoing Series

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